The designing process in KOIRE atelier includes also designing a new fabrics I manually prepare. I have designed a few types of fabrics which gave beginning to many new designs. Fabrics’ destination has to do with their unique properties in terms of thickness, lightness, stiffness etc. Fabrics are not prepared in large quantities nor are cut out from a bale but are created in an appropriate shape adjusted to the pattern of a given item. While processing orders, I prepare each time and again every fabric from the scratch. Therefore, individual pieces of clothes are unique as their creation was connected with creating a fabric they were cut out of. Fabrics designed by KOIRE are mostly made of natural ingredients. 



Types of designer fabrics by KOIRE:


1. "LOV"- consists of 50% linen and 50% viscose. 

                  Delicate and soft. Comes in several varieties depending on the pattern of the linen knitted fabric used for its creation: classic, unique, brit.


image    image    image    image

         "LOV" classic                       "LOV" brit                         "LOV" brit                      LOV" unique




2."LUCA" - consists of 50% linen and: in S type - 50% cotton; in D type - 25% cotton and 25% viscose.

S type - delicate, thin although slightly stiff; D type - delicate and slacker. 

image    image

    "LUCA" type D                   "LUCA" type S        




3. ”L&L”-fabric in 100% linen.  

            Comes with silk elements or mixed elements depending on the whole pattern of a prototype. It is stiffer and thicker in relation to other fabrics. The level of stiffness depends on the components.  

image    image    image    image

            "L&L"                                  L&L"                                "L&L"                              "L&L"




4.”LISA”fabric of 75% linen and 25% silk. 

              It sometimes contains mixed components depending on the pattern of a given item.


   " LISA "




5.”QLOV”fabric of 50% linen, 25% viscose, 25% poliester.   

             It  is the stiffest and thickest of all KOIRE fabrics; has warming properties. 


  " QLOV "