Among my projects, besides those based on prototypes, there are also – as I put it – “individualised variants”. In such cases, clients are inspired either by a particular prototype or a fabric. Our conversations lead us to a new, individual project. Below, I present a few items that exemplify such individualised variants together with the prototypes which served as a starting point for our discussion.



openwork linen knitwear pullover and a black dress made of thicker linen knitwear, inspired by it.



dress made of rigid KOIRE designer QLOV fabric ( PIKA dress) and a long dress from the another KOIRE fabric L & L, inspired by the PIKA dress.



oversize blouse made of knitted linen and viscose, with stitchings and inspired by it -individual tailored dress.



white pullover from the KOIRE designer fabric LUCA "D" and a black tunic from LUCA "D" inspired by the pullover.



white dress made of designer LUCA "S" fabric and inspired by it - long dress from another designer L & L fabric.sukienka-elementy-malgos-m.JPG


woolen vest-fitted with the application of eco-leather and inspired by it - woolen outfit made for individual order.



oversize beige coat and ordered coat tailored to the client's color needs.



linen dress with the use of designer LOV brit fabric and inspired by it - dress made of linen knitting fabric and designer fabric made of batiste.