KOIRE is a Polish fashion brand established and run by Karina Mińkowska-Pado. The direction of KOIRE development is defined by the concept BECAUSE YOU'RE UNIQUE, which puts the greatest emphasis on naturalness and awareness. Clothes are made for conscious customers who wish to emphasize their singularity and unique lifestyle with their clothes. 

Every project is created at its own pace and based on two values:  the quality of the fabric and the craft.  KOIRE highly value fabrics of good quality and sophisticated craft. Working mostly with natural fabrics and textiles, such as linen or silk, we always pursue creativity, also in the area of fabrics. Throughout the years, KOIRE has kept on modifying traditional uses of natural fabrics so as to give them more modern forms. Thanks to this process, an increasing number of new projects are based on the fabrics made according to our own method.


The uniqueness of KOIRE clothes consists in original colour sets, simple lines, fabrics and intriguing appliqués. All items are labelled as handmade as each and every garment is made manually from scratch.


In addition to its basic collection, which is constantly expanding, KOIRE periodically releases new collections. Thanks to this, our clients have both, the opportunity to return to their favourites, as well as to try some of our new projects.


I invite you to review the completed projects ... www.koire.pl