KOIRESHOWROOM is an online showroom presenting clothes made by the KOIRE brand whose motto is“Because You Are Unique”.

It is a place which gives an insight into my work and the effects of my efforts.

Here you can get to know the latest prototypes of KOIRE clothes and place an order.

Through the showroom, you can choose your model of KOIRE clothes or their individualised variants and you can be certain that they will be made especially for you.

The KOIRE atelier is a place where I stress the fact that WE ARE.

KOIRE atelier is a place born out of my passion and need for creating.


Clothes presented in the koireshowroom are only prototypes. If you place an order, your clothes will be prepared from scratch, individually for you. The selected model of a dress, blouse, skirt or coat is not taken off the peg and packaged as one of many items available. Once the order is confirmed, the project begins. Every piece, either based on a prototype or a personalised one, is prepared individually.


Feel free to browse the on-line KOIRE showroom. Learn more about my work and its effects – clothes prototypes, fabrics which I design and use, as well as my latest projects and my clients’ opinions.


I am happy to present the philosophy of my brand on the KOIRE blog. Because You Are Unique: being unique is a consequence of the fact of being – breathing. KOIRE is about looking for authenticity, developing the awareness and acceptance of oneself – your feelings and your being as a unique element of incredible nature.

KOIRE is about being open to emotions, looking for inner peace and living true to yourself.


If you find yourself intrigued by KOIRE, please contact.